Music Production

RadiumTree is a modern-day multi-instrumentalist/producer providing full-service music production for clients across the Midwest.

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"Re: boot"

Welcome the new RadiumTree website! For a little over four months now, I've been quietly rebuilding it, as well as continuing to lay the groundwork and infrastructure for my larger vision. What started as a whole-hearted hatred of file transfers has morphed into an integral part of how collaboration plays out between artists and producer. Looking towards the future, the plan is to... KEEP READING >>


Professional production, recording & mixing
100% original custom-made beats
Painless file management

Making good music doesn't have to be hard. Collaboration should be easy. I'll take care of all the file management, so you don't have to worry about it. No more lost files or tracks with confusing names. If you're ready to work together, hit me up.

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